Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Secret Weapon; Contest Input Wanted

We use coconut oil for everything -- at least you would think so if you see how we use it. We buy a huge jar of it, which we keep in the pantry. Sometimes I refer to it as the "mother" jar.

We keep some in a small salsa jar in the bathroom. We use this coconut oil on our skin and in our hair. It softens the skin and helps to clear up blemishes. It helps to keep athlete's foot condition at bay.

We keep more in another small salsa jar near the stove. It's the only oil we use for cooking, as it has a high smoke temperature and does not spoil. It's one of our secret weapons for healthy eating.

We use a high quality coconut oil that really smells good! Here's the link ... and here's the code to give you $5.00 (USD) off your first order at iherb: WIL394

I'm coming close to post number 100, and that calls for a Contest! Please help me with ideas for my contest by posting a comment to my blog.