Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Did not Buy Fabric

That's correct.

I did not buy fabric.

Do not let the 2.5-yard, 60-inches wide, sale-priced, micro-fiber fleece fool you.

It's not just any fabric.

It's a blanket.

In my updated guest room.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On the Table

My sewing project queue can't even keep a straight line.


What's up next?

A Purse?

Bed sheets?

How about a quick and easy project, such as pillow cases?

Yep.  Fluffed the fabric in the drier and laid it out on the table.  It's a cotton batik - a very fine fabric:

I don't know why the close-up looks so washed out; it really is a predominantly blue and teal fabric, with a touch of purple.

Meanwhile, it was a dark and stormy, er, day.  The first picture was taken at Tijuana Flats, across from the speedway:

The second picture was taken in front of JoAnn's - gasp!- two minutes later and less than a quarter-mile down the road:

This picture was taken on the way home, about three miles and fifteen minutes later:

I have more pictures of sky and clouds than I have finished sewing projects.  Please!  Don't be surprised.  Digital photography costs much less than sewing.  Takes less time, too!

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Not-Sewing

Here is a report of household organization.  Much rearranging and de-cluttering has been in process!

The guest room "before" pictures:

The guest room as it looks now, part-way through the task:

I do not have a "before" picture of the garage, but the back portion has been cleaned up quite a bit:

Here's an old end table in the living room:

We sold the living room table set to a consignment shop and got a smaller set from the same store. One new-to-us end table is in the living room, between the couch and the chair, with a very tidy effect:

The other end table is now my husband's bedside table, something he hadn't had for a long time:

Progress, however small, is still sweet!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's Next

Before I get to my sewing plans, I want to commend my husband for getting his craft area set up.  Here's the "before" shot:

... and here's the "after" shot:

I truly though my next sewing project would be my purse, since the one I currently have (purchased at a craft fair a while back) is getting a "bit" ratty:

I even have the same fabric, and others, as well as patterns and supplies to make more than one purse:

The lure of new sheets is So.Very.Strong.  Yes, I have fabric for a new sheet set, and the fabric has even been "properly aged."  It has a finer, more luxurious feel than the sheets I had already made.  It's red with an orange "weave" print in cotton:

What had held me back from making these sheets was the question of where I would cut out the fabric.  A friend suggested that I clear out my living room.  This spot might look familiar, if you've read my last post.  If I move out the chairs and the coffee table, I will have enough room on the living room floor to lay out the bed sheet fabric so I can measure and cut it.

So, it seems that new bed sheets will be up next.  Hubby has offered to help me with them.  No, that's not right --  I "volunteered" him!  That's OK, since he's the one who really, really wants them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not Exactly Sewing

We've been busy this weekend - very busy!

1.  We are making a guest bedroom.  About a week ago, we bought and installed a mattress set and frame.  Later plans are to add a headboard and sheet set:  Meanwhile, I have many boxes which I moved from other parts of the house (such as my husband's office) into the guest room.  These boxes cover the guest bed and part of the floor:

2.  We bought and built a desk where I could put my PC in the guest room.  Here is my old desk in my husband's office:

Here is my new desk:

Here is the updated view of my old desk, including the spot under the window where my bookcase used to reside:

3. In the spirit of cleaning and rearranging, hubby decided to remove all the old tech manuals from the bookcase in the living room.  I'm not sure what to do with them though, since the box from my desk has rendered the trash can totally stuffed.

4. Since the cabinets below the bookcase became readily accessible, having had the chairs removed from this space, the boxes of fabrics and projects were cleaned out a bit. The storage space in the cutting table had some fabric clean-out, too.  Now, all my projects are in plastic containers, with the most current projects in queue under the cutting table.  All other projects.are in the bookcase cabinets.

5. The fabric clean-out caused a temporary encumbrance of the couch. These items were donated to various people and organizations:

6. Meanwhile, The fabric box and blue bin of fabrics that were in the sewing room are now in my office..  They used to be here, on the left side of the room:

7. My pattern stash resides under the book shelves in the living room.  I cleaned that out a bit, too. These patterns have been scanned and added to my for-sale page (above):

8. But wait, there's more!  We also managed to work on cutting down the tree limbs that had been cut down last week. Dog tired, we are. The pile on the left should be removed by the trash service, so we can make another pile next week:

9. I even worked a bit on filing so I would have somewhere to put some of the papers. I have been very lax at filing, and hope to improve from this:

10.  Just gotta have a number ten! I even got some laundry and dishes done!