Friday, August 28, 2009

Kayak tales

Sometime after our "once-in-a-lifetime" experience, our double sit-upon kayak developed a crack and started to take on water. This was noticed three or four weeks ago at Tomoka State Park, when every breath either of us took would wiggle the boat. Yikes! Upon landing, the boat was too heavy for TWO MEN to lift! It had so much water in it that the hatch had to be opened and the boat turned over to let the water out.

A crack was found and Paul tried to repair it. Took the boat out again last weekend on the Silver River. After an hour we turned around because we were feeling a little instability in the boat. Besides, the patch fell off! Oh, and for once the weather-guessers were right: it started to rain at exactly 11 am, or should I say, about ten minutes before we reached the canal to Ray's Landing.

Since then, Paul found me a single sit-upon kayak (with built-in back rest) on Craigs List, which is reviewed as fast and easy. He also took our SUV kayak to the dealer, who repaired the crack with an Ugly patch. We will be taking it to Sanchez Park in Ormond Beach for a little test drive. We may take the new-to-us kayak out there Sunday morning.

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