Saturday, June 26, 2010

I was bad ...

Every once in a while I see a fabric that I Must Have. When I saw my daughter in this dress, I knew I had to find the fabric:
From Family
I eventually found the fabric on ebay, and let it go. I recently found it again, and it has more reds than browns. Here's that fabric and another piece I got (click on the picture to see more):
From Sewing Fabric
I will probably make it into a long dress, but it won't have spaghetti straps like hers.


  1. That fabric is so pretty and by making it into a long dress will definitely show all the lovely colors.

  2. Wow! I can see why you were stalking that fabric, it's awesome!

    word ver= meall What Elaine on Seinfeld was whining for, "Where's my meall?"

  3. mary, the fabric is incredible! can you share who the seller is?

  4. I got it from ebay seller bestonlinefabrics.


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