Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Slow Can I Sew ... ?

I often start a project and lose my sewing mojo mid-project.  A current example is the mid-length shorts project in progress.

Last weekend (OK, so it Was a Long Weekend) I started work on a new pair of shorts using Kwik Sew 2806. I have used this pattern before for short-shorts and long pants.  I traced the pattern pieces sometime last weekend, then set them aside - of course!

Anyway, all I got done by Monday night was the cutting-out of the front pieces.  The back pieces have not yet been cut.  Here are pictures to show what I have done so far:

Do you like my pattern weights?


  1. Cute pattern weights, where did you get them.

  2. The "pattern weights" are actually sandstone coasters, bought more for their pattern-weight usefulness than for their coaster-ness.

  3. I like your pattern weights too!!
    Sue xx

  4. That's how I sew - only then about 6 months would go by before those pants actually got sewn up. ;) Nice weights, and fun post!

  5. He he... glad there are others like me. I get so miffed when I see others turn round projects so quickly. I've got 3 and a half projects on the go and an ever increasing list of 'want-to-makes'! I do like your weights and I must start using some. Much easier than pinning methinks :-)

  6. Aha! I've found another slow sewer! We do eventually get something done, right? I like those pattern weights.


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