Monday, January 7, 2013

No-Work Project

Folks, you may already know about the easiest project in the world.

I am here to present to you the No-Work Project!

By the way, this No-Work Project has a high dog-approval rating.

Yes, the dog-approval rating can only be topped by the self-approval rating and the spouse-approval rating.

First I will give you the instructions, then I will show you the picture.

Find fleece on sale.  Buy fleece cut to the appropriate length.  Take fleece home.  Launder (wash and dry) the fleece.  Place the fleece on bed, or fold fleece and throw over the sofa.

For this project, my fleece piece was cut to 2.5 yards, while my DH's fleece piece was cut to 2.75 yards.

The dog approval rating is a 10 based on the messiness of the new piece of fleece - on the right, in case you cannot tell.  DH's fleece piece is still in the laundry, but mine is on the bed:

This is a lightweight fleece that I found a JA's - no coupon needed, since it was on sale.

ETA:  It's not a no-work project if the salesperson can't cut it straight.  That would mean that you need to re-cut at least one end of the fabric after you get it home.

ETA2: le voila' - a completely made bed:


  1. Many of my projects receive a high cat approval rating - similar to the dog approval rating. :)

  2. Simply brilliant. DH would love this too:)

  3. It looks like a lot of work for a no-work project! One of the best projects ever! These "effortless" projects (except it takes effort to find something on sale and purchase at the counter). Doggie is just too cute.

  4. Your dog is adorable! In reply to your comment; yes, different countries, different words! It's interesting, isn't it? I've always known that type of white-speckled, variegated jersey knit to be "marle"


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