Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Filler-type Post

I told you recently that the pattern I made for my skirt will not fit the fabric - ON GRAIN:

Instead of trumpet-shaped pattern pieces, this skirt will be made with blocks and triangles.  The sewing terms are panels and godets.  The panels for my skirt will be rectangles, and the godets will be wedges with curved bottom edges.  My panels will not have darts, but my godets will be drafted as shown on this page.

Meanwhile, we've been enjoying the new motorcycle:

I will show the next steps of my skirt soon.


  1. So glad you were able to figure a way to do the skirt! and what a beautiful motorcycle!!

  2. You both look great on your new motorcycle!

  3. Just wondering... even though you probably already tried... what about if you put the trumpet end of each second piece up the other end of the fabric? That way a two trumpets would be at each end of the fabric and the skinning ends of the two of the pattern pieces might fit between the other two trumpet ends? This all depends if there's a one way design on your fabric too which I can't tell from the picture. I do love a trumpet skirt and the style is so flattering too :)


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