Sunday, November 29, 2015

What's up? Water, Water, Fan

I have been dragging my feet on sewing.

This has been partly due to sewing underwear, which I will not show, but they were easy to make.  Here's the link.

More than that, it's been working around the house.

When our kitchen sink faucet was so old that it had to be replaced, we just happened to start that project on Labor Day Weekend.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  What a clue!

First, we had to remove the old faucet, by turning these:

They. Would. Not Turn.

Not by me, not by my husband, and not by the kid next door.

Let's try to take it off from the top. Great idea?

Or not.  Let's just replace the sink. Disconnect everything, and measure the hole:

Buy a new sink:

Connect everything to the sink before installing:

Jerry-rig the water filter attachment:

Install and test for leaks:

Fix two leaks and final leak test:

Yep, that was part one.

Find a bad smell in the front yard. Assume that the septic tank lid has fallen in. Call the septic company for an estimate. Find that the tank is fine, but the drain field has caved in and needs to be rebuilt: Pay them to tear up the whole front yard in the name of Fixing:

Plant grass seed and hope it grows. Note, it's growing fine.

That was part two.

Part three is that the fan in the bathroom finally died.  Heck, it was probably 50 years old. The hardest part was rebuilding the hole from round to square. Taking his time to get it right, DH took about two weeks from start to finish.

Those are my excuses, and I'm sticking with them!

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  1. That looks like quite a project. You definitely saved a lot of money doing it yourself and not getting a professional to do it, and you can take pride of taking care your house yourself. I have to say though, you should set aside some time to sew – taking your mind off of home maintenance will help reduce your stress!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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