Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How I Dress a Pillowcase

I show how to dress a pillow with a pillowcase and a liner that are both longer than the pillow so that the pillow will not fall out.

To remove a pillowcase, pull out whatever is tucked in, squish the air out of the pillow, grab the corners of the pillowcase, and shake out the pillow:

Place the clean pillowcase on the bed with the hem towards you, and pull apart the hem end:

Grab one corner of a liner, which is actually just another pillowcase...

... and pull the liner into the pillowcase:

Take that corner of the liner all the way into the corner of the pillowcase.  Hold both corners together with one hand ...

... and use the other hand to pull the other corner of the liner into the other corner of the pillowcase, bring your hand out, and grab hold of it:

With each hand holding two layers of corners, shake the pillowcase until both layers hang fairly straight:

Lay the cases flat with the hems towards you:

Open up the hems:

Insert the pillow into the opening:

Push the corners of the pillow into the cases while pulling on the cases, alternating sides until the pillow is all the way in:

Now that the pillow is in, grab both hems on both sides and shake the cases:

When the cases are straight, lay it all down with the hems towards you:

Raise the upper layers:

Grab both lower hems with the other hand:

Stuff the lower hems into the assembly, over the top of the pillow:

While one hand holds both layers over the pillow, the other hand grabs the upper hems ...

... and stuffs the upper hems far into the assembly.  That odd shape to the right is my chin and mouth:

Insert both arms and push out:

Pillow ready to turn over:

Pillow turned over:

Fresh, clean pillowcase!

I will let you in on a little secret. Mismatched pillowcases means it's the middle of the week.  I can explain...

We have a set of red sheets and a set of blue sheets, and we change them every two weeks. I say "we" because he usually helps; all I have to do is ask.

When we put on clean sheets, I put on pillowcases that match the sheets: blue on blue or red on red. At his request, I change his pillowcase mid-week, so I put on a different pillowcase. By seeing that one pillowcase matches the sheets, I can tell you that this picture represents the second half of the first week.

The second week of blue sheets starts with red pillowcases. In the middle of the second week, one pillowcase would be changed to the other flower pillowcase. At the end of that week, when all is mismatched, the bed is stripped and left to air for the day.  That night, we will dress the bed with red sheets.

"'Tain't what ya do, it's the way that ya do it, Mildred" Ya, look THAT up on YouTube! I take full responsibility if that song gets stuck in your head...

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  1. Yellow and blue colorways here, with some oldish beige sheets for backup. I love your floral pillowcases.


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