Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding Old Patterns

I am usually MIA right before doing taxes. We owed a little bit this year, so I waited until the last minute to file and pay. Now I'm back!

I have been wondering about the early patterns I sewed. All sewing stuff left at my folks' house have been duly donated to worthy causes over the years, but I still remember some of the garments. I've been most curious about that V-yoked skirt I made in hunter green mini-corduroy.

Well, wonder no more! I finally opened an email from Pattern Rescue, started poking around by clicking the "Still Hoping" link because it had been so long since I made it. Oh, my -- there it was! I probably made the short version without the fabric tie or belt carriers.

I don't need it now, of course, but I'm glad to be able to identify it.


  1. Vintage patterns are the rage. I like the short version and could see you making a few of those.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but at my age, I only make long skirts now! Thanks for reminding me to post some of the patterns I have reviewed ... coming soon!


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