Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tom Kha Soup

Miss Celie shared her soup creation today, and I remembered that we had made a similar soup not too long ago. I looked in my pictures and found two dated December 26, 2009.

We combined several recipes from recipezaar to create our own soup. We used regular Thai brand coconut milk (we use a lot and tend to buy three cans at a time). Instead of lemon grass stalks, we used ground lemon grass. We used Thai brand red curry paste and fish sauce, plus some fresh grated ginger instead of hunting the elusive galangal (a variety of ginger). We added bean sprouts and cilantro when it was almost done. We did not use any sugar.

Here's what the soup looked like about half-way through:

Here's what the soup looked like when ready to eat:

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  1. YUM! We love Vietnamese soup - I'll have to try this (I mean my husband will - I don't cook so well!).


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