Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sesame Treats

Now that we eat real food, this is as close as we get to making cookies. There is no sugar, yet these healthy, non allergenic cookies disappear quickly. Here's what we do:

Put a dozen dates in a high-speed blender. Blond raisins or other dried fruits can be added for variety, but the dates are all that's really needed for sweetness. Add a little water and run at high speed until you have a sludgy drizzly mess.

Pour mess into a bowl.

Add about a cup of sesame seeds, 1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds, and a tablespoon or so of virgin coconut oil. Mix this up with a big spoon.

We have corelle plates and coat them with a little oil, which makes spreading out the goo easier. Any oven-safe flat thing will work such as glass plates or a cookie sheet.

Use the spoon to kind of slush it all around on the plates and spread it out evenly.

We put this in our NuWave convection oven at setting 2 for an hour. You could probably put in a conventional oven at 150 degrees, but we're not sure what the length of time would be.

After an hour we pull them out and use a pizza cutter to cut one huge piece into many bite size pieces. Then the pieces are turned over and they are put back in again for another hour. If it's very thick, they might have to be cooked some more.

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