Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy in the Garden

We got a good start to pulling dead leaves from the tomato plants, and we pulled out the old lettuce, radish, and onion plants.  Then we filled in the garden with four bags of new dirt and layered in a bag of cow manure and some hydrated lime.  As you can see, the back yard needs to be mowed - again! - because it's actually been raining here almost every day:

Under the shade canopy, you can see that three pepper plants and a stevia plant survived the clean-up:

Here are two sweet potato vines that we transplanted from water cups over the kitchen sink:

We have cooked sweet potato leaves in a stir-fry, and they get gummy like okra, although they are supposed to be very nutritious.  I suppose we will have to try that again if these vines grow well in our garden.

I have a friend who has started some seeds from a loquat tree.  Once we figure out where to put one in our yard, we will adopt one of her plants.  I prefer to grow plants that can be eaten.  I'm all for Free Food!


  1. we need to get busy in our garden! dh and no.2.son plan to hack at stuff and lay slabs ready for a shed. I'd like to GROW stuff too!
    love your pics! Sue xx

  2. I like the way you have it set up. My table top garden is good for the herbs, but considering designating a ground spot for veggies.

  3. We are getting rid of our sweet potato patch. We had too much rain and our potatoes are now very rotten. We may try to grow Bittermelon next. Good luck with your garden.


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