Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Twist on an Old Basic Food

Hubby made an interesting lunch today.  He made toasted cheese sandwiches, but there were a few additions to the basic toasted cheese sandwich, giving it an interesting twist.

He toasted the sprouted grains bread slices in the toaster, then he buttered the slices.  Meanwhile, he sliced a large tomato and picked some fresh basil leaves from our herb garden.

He layered the above ingredients with cheese slices, sprinkled them with an Italian herb mix, and heated them in the skillet.

The next time we have these, I hope he uses two slices of provolone cheese in each sandwich.  The sandwiches were served with fruit salad, which he did not make.  Click on this picture for a drool-worthy view:


  1. Your lunch definitely looks drool worthy. Ok.. I must try that especially since I love provolone cheese... matter of fact I like all kinds of cheese.

  2. Pssst... We are enjoying the soap... Thanks a bunch.


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