Saturday, August 6, 2011

Variation on Special Salad

Once again, I had to have a salad made with avocado.  The first time we made an avocado salad, it contained cucumbers.  Since my husband does not like cucumbers and he does like peaches, I poked around the internet to find a salad recipe that includes both avocados and peaches.  My recipe is loosely based on what I found.

  • one diced  Florida avocado, a large, bright green avocado with a seed that rattles around inside when it's ready to eat
  • one diced peach
  • one diced orange
  • three sprigs of cilantro, chopped fine
  • three dashes of sea salt

The ingredients were mixed in a large bowl and chilled in the fridge.  The taste is very mild and slightly sweet, a good contrast to the mashed sweet potatoes and garlicky, grilled beef on my plate.  Click on the picture for a close-up drool, er, view:

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