Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seasons by the Tree

Last year I took a picture of our golden rain tree while it was blooming.

Since our neighborhood is in a small valley (more like a bowl), one side of the tree is ahead of the other side:

This year, our tree looked a bit more regal.  That might be because some of the lower branches were pruned last winter.

Later last year I took a picture of the tree while it was snowing.

OK, the weather was not snowing.

The tree was snowing.  All over the car:.

... all over the driveway ...

... and did I mention all over the car?

While blooming, the tree also drops branches.  Some have blossoms on them, and some do not.  It seems that in fall and winter we are always picking up twigs and small branches from this tree.

After the blossoms fall off and the weather gets a little colder, the seed pods appear.

All over everything - again!

I think they are very pretty, though!

Here is a closer look.  These pods are thin and papery.

The pods are three-sided and have three seeds inside each pod.

Some have more color, reminding me of rosebuds.

Now you know how we know when it's autumn in this part of Florida!

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  1. Your tree is so beautiful! I have noticed that the raintrees all seem prettier this year, the weather has been a bit different. Ah, fall. The turkey vultures are back as welll!


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