Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Sewing Patterns for Sale

I finally finished scanning all the patterns I have for sale.

I originally had my pattern sales sorted by company and current versus out-of-print status (click here).  That was so confusing, even to a techie like me

I also implemented simpler pricing.  Patterns are a fixed price, which includes shipping to USA, with no quantity discounts.  Only paypal is accepted.

My patterns are all listed in Picasa web albums, so you can view many patterns at one time.

Pattern sales are so easy with only two categories:  Current patterns and out-of-print patterns.

Current patterns ($3.00) are for sale here.

Out of print patterns ($4.00) are for sale here.

If you are looking for some patterns, please look at the patterns I have for sale.

If you don't see what you want, please tell me what you're looking for - I just might have it!

For all inquiries, please contact me via my profile.


  1. Mary, Do I contact you here if I am interested in one of your patterns? I would like the Vogue1027. Thanks. ~Michelle

  2. I will correct this post to instruct interested readers to contact me via my profile.

    ATymeToSew, I have contacted you via your profile.


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