Sunday, June 1, 2014

Re-arranged the Sewing Room

BEFORE pictures, showing that the cutting table is in the room next to the kitchen:

See how it juts out from the wall of rulers, really far into the walkway from the kitchen to the garage:

The rolling carts are lined up under the window area:

AFTER pictures show that the cutting table juts out from the kitchen peninsula:

This gives a wider walkway from the kitchen to the garage:

The window area was cleared out a bit for the wider walkway.  The teal fabric is from a recent project, which I hope to reveal soon:

This picture hints at two other, recent projects - wash cloths and pillow cases:

Non-sewing-related is this picture of my recent, home-done manicure.  In some lights it shows as purple, but in others it's more like a cobalt blue:


  1. Even a slight re-arrangement makes it seem like a new room, doesn't it?

  2. What a great rearrangement! and I'm loving those groovy nails :-)


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