Sunday, March 9, 2014

This and That

I tried a little Bike Week fashion on my hands a few weeks ago - a little red with chrome tips.  I did this myself, but it took me all weekend.  The red is Revlon colorstay 070 wild strawberry, and the silvery is essie nothing else metals.

Last week I had my nails done with gel in a sparkly purple tone.  DH told me that I'd been looking at purple nail polish for so long, I should just get it out of my system:

I updated the Tote Bag Tutorial, which is really just pictures with instructions.  the photo album had gotten out of order, so I removed it and reorganized it before uploading it again.  See the Tutorial tab above.

I have been slowly - snail's pace - clearing off the sewing table.  It has "flat surface syndrome" you know, and my sewjo has gone awol due to a project which is more "have to do" than "want to do."  I'm almost "over it," and expect to get back to sewing soon.

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  1. Our nails are important - and better yet FUN!! I love that you posted these pictures! Happy Spring! :)


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