Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On the Table

My sewing project queue can't even keep a straight line.


What's up next?

A Purse?

Bed sheets?

How about a quick and easy project, such as pillow cases?

Yep.  Fluffed the fabric in the drier and laid it out on the table.  It's a cotton batik - a very fine fabric:

I don't know why the close-up looks so washed out; it really is a predominantly blue and teal fabric, with a touch of purple.

Meanwhile, it was a dark and stormy, er, day.  The first picture was taken at Tijuana Flats, across from the speedway:

The second picture was taken in front of JoAnn's - gasp!- two minutes later and less than a quarter-mile down the road:

This picture was taken on the way home, about three miles and fifteen minutes later:

I have more pictures of sky and clouds than I have finished sewing projects.  Please!  Don't be surprised.  Digital photography costs much less than sewing.  Takes less time, too!


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