Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Digress, and I diet, too

I finished the Margo Handbag, but my parents came to visit soon after.

Most of what I have accomplished in that time frame is commonly known as cleaning.

While they were here, I lengthened a PJ top I had made for my Dad several years ago:

Here we are at beautiful Ormond by the Sea:

Here's a picture with my hubby:

You can see that hubby and I have big bellies, and that's not healthy. I have an idea that I won't be old until I'm at least 90 - but not int this shape!

My Mom lost 16 pounds or so last year, and she told me that she used "the Fast Metabolism Diet" by Haylie Pomroy.

The book explains how your metabolism works and what you can do to reset it.  The explanations made sense to us so my husband and I decided to try it.

The diet helps heal your metabolism by being nutritious, yet planned in such a way to shock your system, but not you.  OK, maybe your wallet.  Eating well costs real money.

We started this diet one week after my parents left. Feeding them helped us get ready because we had not previously been eating enough vegetables.

It's working so well that we are continuing on with it.  Here's what happened in four weeks:

I lost 12 pounds.

My husband lost 25 pounds, his blood sugar went from 260 to 110, and his blood pressure went down drastically.

I also found a good book called "Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes" by Helen Harriss.  There's a really good chart in this book which I pinned and taped to the fridge as a meal plan reference.

The main thing I like about this diet is that it does not include calorie counting and portion control.

The closest to a contrary argument about this diet might sound like a complaint to some of you: I have never eaten so much food in my life!

Yes, we have to exercise, but not overly so.  We also have to do relaxing activities on the weekends, which  is usually going to the beach and walking in the surf.  Yeah, throw me in that briar patch!  It's a tough, life, but somebody's gotta do it.

I will post pictures of some of the meals we've been making for this diet. Some are found, and some are adapted.

I promise myself that I will get back into sewing.

I promise my readers that I will post the final step of my Margo Handbag.


I will.


  1. Wow, Mary! that's fantastic! Good for you and hubby. I've been to Ormond Beach, it's so pretty. Like all of Florida!

  2. Mary, just read about this diet. Are you still doing this diet? If so did you write down andy menus? My poor hubby has to loose some weight and has problems with uric acid-which causes kidney stones. The diet calls for a lot more fruit and vegetables. If he could loose some getting eat instead of not eat he would be a happy camper ;)


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