Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bendy Bag and Other Sewing

A few weeks ago, I bought the new Bendy Bag pattern by Lazy Girl Designs - link here.  I am often distracted by my Kindle, so I did not start on it right away.

I admit that at first I was not able to wrap my head around making this small bag without basting and pinning everything together.

I have Wonder Clips that are used in this pattern's instructions.  So far, I had only used them to hold down the flowers on my shoes after a day's wearing.

Once I accepted the use of Wonder Clips instead of basting and pins, the bag went together quickly:

Oddly enough, I have no idea what I will put in it.

I also made a Wonder Wallet, another pattern by Lazy Girl Designs - link here.  This time it was for me!

Also, by special request, I made two more cases for my husband's sunglass collection. He selected the striped fabric for his yellow sunglasses, and the green fabric for his green sunglasses:

These little projects have given me a sense of accomplishment.  Yay!  I got something done!

My next venture is to find a copy shop that will print wide PDF patterns.  I want to make some clothes, and I will be trying a pattern line that I've never used before.  This venture will have to wait until at least Thursday since Monday and Wednesday evenings are when we go to the gym, and Tuesday is a voting day.  It looks like we will be visiting a certain print shop on Thursday evening.


  1. These turned out great! Love my wonder wallets- when one wears out I make a new one, plus I have one with all the insurance cards and such in it that goes to Drs appointments. Great to tuck into the bag and I know where everything is.

  2. Instead of zig zag stitches for the inside seams, do you think I could just trim them with pinking shears? My stitches look ziggy zaggy!

    1. I think close zigzag stitches would look better than pinking, and would reduce the chance of unraveling.

  3. I am an aficionado of Lazy Girl bags. Joan's directions are clear, and once you decide to follow them exactly, the construction is simple and clever. Your bag is cute. I just took her Craftsy class about the Becca, Sweetpea Pods and Fobio. More zipper madness!


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