Saturday, December 5, 2015

Flouncy Bouncy Skirt

I follow a blog and store by Deby of  So Sew Easy.- Lin here.

She has a tab at the top for free patterns, and another tab for patterns for sale.

I found this free skirt pattern on her site, and knew I would eventually make it.

What precipitated the making of my skirt? A weigh-in for insurance purposes caused me to wear my lightest-weight clothes that day. I didn't have a suitable skirt, so I took a thrift-store find from the back of my closet and shortened it: I was told by my coworkers that it was a good length for me:

My ah-hah moment was remembering the Flouncy Bouncy Skirt Pattern. It's a skirt with a full circle attached to a yoke.

I poked around the So Sew Easy facebook page - link here - to find other examples of this skirt. I decided to go with a knit stripe from my stash.

I traced the pattern pieces and placed the stripes so they would go across the front and back, yet down on the sides. That basically means I didn't have to match the stripes at the sides:

The yoke pieces form a shart point at the sides:

Deby recommended I round up the bottom of the yoke, so I used my French curve ruler to do that. I adjusted the pattern

...then I adjusted the fabric the same way:

I pinned the skirt pieces to the yokes:

I stitched with a long, narrow zigzag, pressed towards the yokes, topstitched, then pinned the sides together:

Preliminary views looked good:

I found a wide elastic the same color as my fabric.  I adjusted the length to fit, overlapped and stitched the ends, then laid it over the outside of the skirt and pinned:

I used a zigzag stitch to attach the elastic to the skirt :

I turned the elastic once and topstitched. I figured that I would not usually tuck a top into this skirt:

This is how I usually wear it:

Yes, the skirt is twirl-worthy:

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