Saturday, December 5, 2015

Raglan Knit Shirts

Here are some sewing projects I made this past summer.

Hubby wanted us to have matching long-sleeved shirts for motorcycle riding.

We decided to use this pattern from my stash for his shirt:

I used this pattern for my shirt:

We picked out a technical, wicking fabric. To get the amount of fabric we needed, we found an OK color:

Cutting seemed to take up the whole cutting table surface. I usually use casted sand coasters as pattern weights:

Here's a trick I used for lengthening the sleeves for DH's shirt:

Here's another pattern weight trick:

I used my regular sewing machine to make these shirts. I used a long, narrow zigzag stitch for all the seams, and a three-step zigzag stitch for topstitching. Note the marker "tag" at the back of the neck:

Here are the finished shirts:

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