Monday, September 5, 2016

A Little Sewing

Right after my last post, May 21, I finally finished a winter skirt just to get it off the table.

I finished the skirt on May 30 and took some pictures.

I used pattern McCall's 6654:

I made two layers, one skinnier than the other.  I used the long, slim version and made it based on my measurements.  I had to take it in about two inches.  I flared it out while cutting to make an outer layer.

I shortened the outer layer it with a hi-lo hem to enhance the layered effect. Here's how I cut the outer layer:

I attached the skirts to the elastic in opposite directions:

The inner layer is a very slick knit of man-made fibers.  The outer layer is a lightweight sweater knit.  Here's how it looks on the table:

Here's how it looks on me:

I put this away to save it for "winter" (in Florida, that's anything under 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

I have a big project waiting for me to work on it.  I will share when I'm done with it.

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