Friday, July 3, 2009

More Green Smoothie talk

Today's smoothie was spinach leaves, strawberries, blueberries, a banana, and some coconut. Pretty much any smoothie that has coconut in it is very good.

What's your favorite smoothie?


  1. Thanks Mary - it was quite productive.

  2. Can you believe? I've NEVER had a smoothie! (I'm not certain I want one, but don't know quite why! can you make them without special equipment?)

  3. I make a smoothie with cashew milk, strawberries (fresh or frozen), blueberries (fresh or frozen), bananas, frozen peaches, frozen chopped spinach, honey, flax, juice, protein powder and some ice. If I have powdered acidophilus, I will put that in also. My husband refused to try it with the spinach. lol. I do this because I have braces and my teeth don't I can't chew. Gotta get my protein in somehow. I must try it your way with more greens.

  4. If you have a blender, that will do. Try it!!


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