Sunday, September 12, 2010

I came in just in time!

I got my ration of sunlight yesterday and today. Not five minutes after coming back in today, it started to rain. That's a good thing, since it was over 90 degrees (F) outside, so maybe it will cool down a little bit.

I very rarely use sunscreen, but please do not worry that I might get a sunburn. I have built up my resistance to the sun by getting my tan slowly. I'm not very dark at all, but my skin shows great contrast to a white wall, for example. I like to get my share of vitamin D while preparing my skin for kayak outings (which we haven't done for a couple months due to the extreme heat).

I start each year as the cool weather turns to warm (OK, this IS Florida, so I must really mean Hot). As weather permits, I lay out in the back yard on Saturdays and Sundays in the middle of the day. At first, I limit my time to five minutes on my front and five minutes on my back. I work up to 20 minutes each. I use a small kitchen timer for the five-minute increments, or a cell phone's timer function for the 10-minute increments.

For an extra vitamin D punch, I slather my body with pure coconut oil, either before or after my "tanning" session. I also take vitamin D pills year-round.

I'm glad the weather is starting to cool off. We are looking forward to more kayaking. With my built-in sunscreen (aka, tan), I come back from kayaking with no burn. Yes, I also wear a big-brimmed hat to cut down glare!

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