Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yummy Lemon Chicken

I wondered what would be for supper last night. I looked in the refrigerator and saw two thawed chicken breasts, and off to the side, a can of chick peas. I went to, which used to be recipezaar, and entered these two ingredients in the search box. I looked at some of the recipes to get some inspiration.

I tried the special search methods at, but they are not half as good as they search methods that were on recipezaar. But, I have digressed.

DH suggested slicing the chicken a certain way, and I wasn't sure what he meant until he did it. He cut them lengthwise so that there were now four pieces, each about half as thick as the original pieces. I placed them in a large skillet with some olive oil, pushed the pieces around to spread the oil, and proceeded to cook them very slowly. I got the bag of cilantro from the freezer and put some in with the chicken. I added the pulpy juice of two lemons, plus a couple dashes each of turmeric, cumin, and sea salt, and put a lid on it.

About this time, DH made up a rice blend and started it off in the rice cooker. It tastes good with any kind of rice - plain or a rice blend.

The chickpea can was half full, and I rinsed and drained them several times. I also poured about 3 ounces of pimento stuffed olives into a small colander, and rinsed them a few times. These I added to the skillet and covered it to simmer a while, turning the chicken pieces over occasionally.

The house smelled so good!

Here's the finished meal:

Just a heads-up: The juice of two lemons doesn't sound like much, but the lemon flavor is very strong and tart. I like bold flavors, and DH likes spicy flavors. A little diversity in the kitchen is good!


  1. Your dinner looks delicious and thinking...mmm I have some boneless chicken waiting top be cooked.

  2. Well Mary,,, had to check out the blog and oh my,,,, I really like to cook also. Bingo, two birds one stone theory at work. Great blog.


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