Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road Trip

We went on a road trip today. It wasn't just any road trip -- it was a trip to visit our daughter. It was also a motorcycle ride on our new bike. It's a Yamaha 1700 Roadstar Silverado, which has an engine more than twice the size of the old bike. The main thing about it is that it actually likes to go fast on the highway. The old bike preferred to go slow (think 15 mph through the mobile home park - THAT kind of slow - argh).

We left Daytona at 6:25 and arrived in Tampa at 9:25, after a breakfast stop and a gas stop. We went to our daughter's apartment, then she drove us to Wat Tampa, which is a Buddhist temple. Specifically, we went for the "Sunday Market" which happens every week, and consists of temple members selling food to raise funds for the temple. The link to tell about is it here.

We had green curry chicken and chicken salad, which were both spicy, and we also had pumpkin curry and fried rice, which were not spicy. Our beverages were bottled water, Thai iced tea, and mountain dew (for DD). For dessert we got egg custard with pumpkin pieces in it and fried bananas which were coated with a sesame-seed enhanced dough. Everything was really yummy.

We went back to our daughter's apartment and visited for a short while, then we rode the bike to Clearwater to visit with some old friends (take That for a double meaning!). After visiting with them for a while, we headed on back home.

We went through some light rain a couple times, and stopped at Little Saigon in Orlando for supper. We also got some "good rice" at the oriental market next door. These are the two "must stop" locations for us in Orlando.

We got back home just before 7 pm, and our dog Marco was really ready for his supper and evening walk. After a long day, I'm surprised that neither DH nor I have "crashed" yet.

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  1. That was definitely a road trip and full of good food too.


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