Sunday, February 26, 2012

Omar's Sheets

DH jokes that when I sew for him, I'm Omar the tent-maker.  He is big and tall, and everything I make for him uses lots of fabric.  I worked on a project today that used lots of fabric, hence the reference to Omar.

I mentioned this project recently (click here).  DH joked that this project would never get done.  Sometimes, it feels like SOP -- my projects taking forever, that is.  This time, however, the project was finished in one day's time.

The fact that the fabric was ready, the time was set aside, and the bed was stripped, was quite the inspiration:

The end result is this - a fitted sheet and a flat sheet for a king-size bed:

Side Note:  I'm sorry if you think this bed isn't dressed, but it is.  You see, in Florida, we don't need lots of covers.

I took lots of pictures because I plan to write a tutorial for my sheet instructions.  If I have enough fabric left over to make pillowcases, I will write a tutorial for my pillowcase instructions, too.

Oh, yeah - I also worked on the skirt, and took lots of pictures of that process, too.

More news -- I added my tote bag instructions to my Tutorials page!

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  1. I like it and looking forward to your tutorial.


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