Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skirtus Interruptus for Housecleaning

I have been working on my skirt project, although a "little" slowly.

I made fleece pads a few months ago as refills for a popular wet and dry mop device.  They seemed to work OK except that the long edges curled.  That was because I had made them as long pieces of fleece, turned under and stitched at the ends to form pockets to hold them in place:

Cleaning time on Saturday necessitated mopping pads that actually stayed on.  I bought fleece on sale at JA's a few weeks ago just so I could make new pads.  I cut the entire piece of fleece into 10"-wide strips across the grain, then cut each strip into 18"-long pieces.  There are a few smaller pieces of fleece that now live in the rag bag.

My new variation of these refills is as simple as the original.  In other words, 10" x 18" rectangles that are held in place by built-in plastic grippers:

To use this, we spray our cleaner on the floor, then mop it up:

I even have a place to store them.  A dozen of these are now housed in this box, which will live on the shelf in the closet where the device is stored:

This is our mix for general cleaning.  It contains about a teaspoon of Bronner's Sal Suds to a quart of water:

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