Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Weeks to New Sheets

My husband recently declared that the thin, high-thread-count, store-bought sheets MUST GO!

When they were originally purchased, they were smooth and silky.  We bought several sets at the flea market, but only two sets are still around.

Perhaps you've seen the type:  400 Thread Count!  600 Thread Count!  Of course, no package states clearly that it's Egyptian cotton, but the implication is there.  Shriveling under a hot iron, set to Cotton, is The Big Clue.  Pilling on the fabric after two or three years is Another Big Clue.

So, pilling of bed sheets is getting a little weird, and DH declares They Must Go!

OK, that leaves us with one very nice set of sheets.  Which we made.  Click on the bed picture to see the bed sheet project (pictures in no particular order):

Click the pillowcase picture to see the pillowcase project:

Anyway, I actually have the fabric for the next set of sheets.  This fabric has been laundered three times, ironed, and cut out.  All I have to do now is assemble the new sheet set:

Since I've almost finished clearing off the cutting table, which is a great place to assemble large pieces of fabric, it shouldn't take me too long to make the navy blue sheet set.

"Shouldn't" being the operative word.

And I was all excited to make a summer dress.

I hope that I will be more "into" the sheet project once the table is totally cleared off.  It's been cleared off before!  How odd that I can't find a picture of the cutting table with nothing on it.


I guess I'd better tell you why there's a deadline to this project.  The bed sheets get laundered every two weeks.  The red sheets were placed on the bed just yesterday.  The crappy, old sheets are being taken to a thrift store early this week, if not today.  Since we always dress the bed with a different set of sheets, we will be out of sheets in two weeks.

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  1. I do like nice linen, I still use pillow cases made and embroidered from Pauline's tutorial all those years ago! Remember?
    I had a good bed linen clear out a few weeks ago too.


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