Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Progress

My pattern sales have been going well.  Not awesome, but well!

Click this sentence to see previous post about the patterns I have for sale.

I had a little progress on my gift-making.

I bought one yard each of royal blue and bright red light-weight fleece on sale a few weeks ago to make gifts for my parents.

For my Dad, I am making short fleece socks, as shown at the left of this pattern.  He will get one red pair and one blue pair.

For my Mom, I am making dickies based on the collar shown at the upper right of this pattern.  She will get one in red and one in blue.

Last night I cut out all the blue pieces.

Here's a reminder how I mark notches:

Here are the sock pieces (in the middle) and the other blue pieces:

Here are the blue pieces pinned together for the first batch of stitching:

That's pretty much all I got done last night.


  1. Hi Mary. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award / One Inspirational Blogger Award!

  2. Thank you, CoCo! I will follow up - soon!


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