Saturday, January 3, 2009

One More Sewing Resolution

I have one more sewing resolution to add. I may regret it soon, but here goes:

I plan to NOT buy more fabric this year. That's easy - I have too much already.

Patterns? Now, that's another story. Here's a pattern that I don't have. I NEED this pattern - Simplicity 2933 - since I discovered that this type of yoke looks good on me:


  1. Hi Mary: Love the design. If you are looking for vintage, there is a 70's Marlo Thomas pattern in a similar design - I sewed the heck out of it and loved it each time. If I run across it again, I'll send to you!

  2. Cute pattern. I bought a similiar one from Butterick. It's B5219.

  3. As a fabric store owner, your resolution is breaking my heart. ;) But that pattern is darn cute (I have it already but haven't done anything with it but dust it off every now and again)!


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