Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sewing Patterns for Sale

Edited to add:  My pattern sales have been modified, so the links below no longer work.  Here is a post (dated November 1, 2012) which describes the updated list of patterns for sale.

I have cleaned out my sewing patterns, and they are now for sale in the classifieds section of Pattern Review (Look for seller "Mary in FL").

Here are the links to my Picasa photo albums where you can see the patterns that are for sale.  All prices are in US Dollars and include shipping to USA addresses only.

If you want to buy one of these patterns, please email me at marysews at gmail dot com - of course, remove the spaces and replace the at with an "at" sign and the dot with an actual dot.

For all the patterns I have for sale, I even have more.  I just have to get around to getting them ready to sell.  Each pattern must be scanned front and back, which includes making sure the scanner includes the entire picture and rotating the pictures as necessary.  Then I have to add each picture to the correct folder in Picasa.

The technical part of this task starts with moving the pattern description to the correct spreadsheet, then verifying the description and adding the sizes to the description.  Then I have to copy that information into the listing that will appear in the Pattern Review classified ad.  Fortunately, I can do this while the pattern envelopes are being scanned.  Thank goodness for multitasking abilities!

Stick around for the next round of pattern sales.  Yes, there will be more, and fabric, too!

Here's one of the patterns that I have for sale (click on the picture to enlarge):

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  1. You are so organized, and I hope you find buyers. I hit the recent Vogue sale online and have also bought some indy patterns lately so I'm set.


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