Monday, April 9, 2012

Distracted from Sewing

We went to JA's a couple weeks ago and bought some fabric on sale - for sheets!  It's 90-inch wide cotton quilt backing in navy blue, and we bought eight yards for about $40, which is a really good deal!  After bringing it home, I had to cut the length in half so I could zigzag the cut ends and launder it.  Somehow, eight yards of double-wide fabric does not fit in my washing machine all at one time.

I finally got both pieces of fabric laundered three times each.  So far, I have managed to iron around the edge of one piece of fabric and fold it up neatly.  After I iron and fold the other piece, I will inquire about cutting the fabric on the floor of my friend's neighborhood clubhouse, as we did for the red sheets (click here to see).

It has taken some time, but we have also managed to put in a garden.  In addition to two raised beds that DH built last year, we bought and installed a recycle lumber frame, which is shorter and wider than the first two beds.

While weeding the garden beds, I found some chickweed that DH guarantees to be chemical-free - because the whole garden area of the yard has never been sprayed for weeds.  I just finished drinking an apple pie smoothie that I made with chickweed instead of spinach (click here for the recipe).

Besides the normal plants - tomatoes and lettuce (actually a salad mix) - we also put in some squash and zucchini!  There will be filler plants, too, such as carrots and onions.  I plan to sow some marigold seeds to help deter bugs.  The stevia plant and the sweet potato vine were moved, since we had to allow for rotating certain crops.

We placed the home-made cover over the lettuce, and realized that it is worse for the wear.  Basically, we will have to make a new fabric cover for it.

Also, DH - who is very tall - ran right into a bird feeder in our yard.  He was so ticked off that he pulled that sucker! out and you will see it on the ground by the fence.

My fern "moved house" from the original cheap plastic container to a decorative pot I found while shopping one day.

Here are some pictures of our garden:

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  1. Dh intends doing some gardening including herb and veg when he retires


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