Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Don't Use Shampoo

... much!

There is a sort of no-poo following, which is people who don't use shampoo.

Well, I'm one of them - mostly.

I don't use shampoo, but my hairdresser does.  That's how I can be honest that I don't use it.

What do I do, then?

When I take my shower, I massage my head as if I were shampooing it.  Besides, a good massage is worth a million bucks or so, and my masseuse (that would be me) knows what I like!

I brush my hair several times each day.

Both these activities spread my natural oils through my hair, and make it look shiny and clean.

About every six or seven days, I put a heaping teaspoon of baking soda in an empty ketchup bottle.  I take this with me into the shower, and add one to two inches of warm water.  I mix this well and sprinkle it into my hair.  I don't add it all at once, but I do massage it into my hair.  I do this until all my hair has been massaged with it.  It gets gritty and oily, but I think that's part of what makes it work.  After I've gotten all my hair this way, I rinse it out.  My hair feels slick and soft.

My hair is very short, so I guess that someone with more hair would use more baking soda and more water, too.

When I get my hair cut, my hairdresser shampoos my hair.  That's how often that happens.

I mentioned my no-poo methods to someone at work, and she said, "Oh, yeah, that's what you do when you want to get all the 'product' out of your hair."  Gee, I didn't know that.  Did you?

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  1. I also follow that method except I don't go to a hairdresser, per se, hubby cuts and colors my hair and I cut his. And no, that is not his profession, he is a Facilities Manager!


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