Friday, August 3, 2012

Three Weeks to Two Sheets

YES!!  I finished the blue bed sheets.  I can blame Marco for the top sheet being crooked:

It's such a relief to finish this project.  I worked on the top sheet a little bit almost every night this week after work.

There is a bed sheets article on my Tutorials page (see the link above).  Now that I've finished another set of sheets, I should probably update the words that explain how I make bed sheets.  I want my tutorials to be helpful to you, so please ask any questions you have about how I make bed sheets.

I have some fabric to make pillow cases, but it's so new that it hasn't been properly aged yet.  The cotton fabric has, however, been laundered three times.

Now I have to decide what I want to make next.  It will probably be a summer dress.  I have two choices for fabric.  One is the red flower fabric which served time temporarily as a top sheet:

The other fabric choice is a blue flower print that I found at JA's:

It will be a long dress and it will have an empire waist.  I have not decided yet what the other style details will be.  It could have a cross-over bodice and cap sleeves, or it might be a peasant style.

I do not like having to make such important decisions!


  1. Hi Mary:
    I poked into your tutorial but didn't go through it all. I think I might dive into bed sheet making in the fall as it's hard to get fitted sheets over my very deep mattress. How big do you make the flat sheet?

  2. I made the flat sheets as big as I could! We need more width than length for our flat sheets. It takes more fabric to go over two mountains than to go straight across!

    The blue flat sheets hang over 15 inches on each side, and not quite as much at the foot of the bed.

    The red flat sheets were made of a wider fabric, so it overhangs both the sides and the bottom by 18 inches.

  3. Decision, decisions! The new dress fabrics are lovely, so I am sure your new dresses will be lovely too :) Thank you so much for your comment. The second tree pictured in my post is a cumquat tree, and I am making some marmalade with the fruit.


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