Sunday, August 26, 2012

Working on KwikSew 3949

I have actually been working on this dress.  Here is the envelope with my "cheat sheet"

The pattern suggest using two or three fabrics, but I did not feel like visually cutting my body in two at the waist, so I am using all the same fabric.

I finished all the pattern tracing over a week ago, but I got a lot done just today.  I cut out the skirt pieces and set them aside:

My neckline to shoulder adjustment resulted in pointy shoulders, as you can imagine from the tracing:

I had to trim off the points after sewing the shoulder seams:

I think the most interesting part was what I did to the make the long bias strip for the neckline trim.  One long bias piece would have wasted lots of fabric, so I cut it into two pieces which I attached near the middle (click the picture to enlarge):

I have laid out all the parts related to the bodice.  This gives me two advantages, neither of which has precedence:

  • The next step of this project is ready to go.
  • Nobody had better put any crap on My Flat Surface!

The big piece on the left shows the front pieces attached to the back bodice at the shoulders.  The longest piece is the neckline bias trim.  The pieces towards the back are for the waistline assembly, and two pieces to the right are the armhole trim.

I am glad to finally get to work on this dress project.  I need to balance out my wardrobe, which has too much red and purple, but not enough blue.


  1. I would use the same fabric for this dress too but possibly add some piping, if I really had the energy.
    I think your version will work out nicely.

  2. Looks like you are rolling along smoothly. I can't wait to see the end results.

  3. I agree with Lisa H. I am looking forward to seeing you in this dress when it is completed! :-)


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