Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pattern Tracing

I finally decided on the pattern and fabric for a summer dress.  I selected this blue quilting fabric because I have plenty of dresses in various combinations of black, red, and purple - even pink and fuchsia - but no blue dresses!  You may have seen this before:

I will probably use the same fabric for the entire dress, instead of contrasting fabrics, but I have not decided yet.

The pattern I chose was KwikSew 3949.  I chose this pattern because this is the only version of the style I considered which has not yet been reviewed at PatternReview:

What kind of model has such sloped shoulders?  I knew I would have to adjust the pattern for my pointy shoulders - almost as pointy as my elbows.

I traced the pattern last night.  I traced size L for the entire garment except the neckline, which I traced in size XS.  If this covers too much, I can always widen the neckline.  In the back bodice tracing you can see how I went from one size to another across the shoulder, thus adjusting for my shoulder non-slope:

So, that's a little bit of sewing progress for me!


  1. Your fabric will make a lovely dress. I like the pattern you have chosen.

  2. That print is lovely--can't wait to see the dress when it's finished.


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