Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog Commenting Award

I received this blog award today from BeaJay who writes the blog "On the Road to Sew Wear."

Is this cool or what?
I love to share my sewing journey, some sewing tips, and parts of my life.
It's interesting to see who is paying attention!  Reading comments is also a way to learn about other bloggers.

This award is to thank the people who take the time to leave a comment on your posts. It is always great to receive comments from fellow sewists.

I've been known to lean from readers who comment on my blog.

Here's "the deal" about this "award" -
"  There is no requirement to do anything like list stuff about yourself, just to pass it on to the last nine bloggers to comment on your blog...So I'm interpreting that, rightly or wrongly, as the first nine on my previous post, not counting the ladies who passed it on to me.  "

Laura and Hans
Jane M

Thank you all so much for caring and commenting on my blog.  Your comments are all appreciated!

You know you ALL ROCK!

PS:  Like several others, I have linked to the commenters' blogs.  I do not think this is a requirement of the "award."  In passing these on, I think a simple list works just as well.  In fact, if I've linked to you and you don't want me to link to you, please let me know.


  1. Ohhh, thanks for this! An award for doing what I love doing (peeking at other blogs and leaving a comment) - priceless!!! Keep up the great blog so I can keep on commenting...

  2. I'll have to ditto Judith's words, because I can't improve on them!

  3. A belated thank you, Mary - don't know where my head has been! I think of you every time I drive by the two golden shower trees near my home, full of bloom!


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