Sunday, October 14, 2012

Working on KwikSew 3949 part 6

What can I say?

I did some more work on this dress today:

I serged the cut edge of the hem (not shown).  I marked the elastic to the length for my size.

I threaded the elastic through the casing and basted the overlap together with big zigzag stitches.  When I tried the dress on, the waist was too big, so I pulled the elastic back out, removed the basting, overlapped it more, and basted again.  Now the waist fits me correctly:

When I tried the dress on, hubby and cousin told me that it looked like a house dress:

Oh, no!  It really does look like a house dress!

If you look carefully, you can see that my under-clothes are showing under my arms!

Oh, well!  What I have is another well-made wadder!

When I figure out what went wrong, I will share that.

I have a previous wadder that's been hanging in a closet for many months.  I will need to share that, too!


  1. Try shortening it--somewhere around the knee area I'd say.

  2. I think it may be a too large size around the shoulders - although if you had to take in a lot around the waist - maybe it is just a too large size all over. It does look like it will be a nice cool dress for summer.

  3. Oh Mary! How about some contrast fabric: a faux drawstring tie at the waist, lop off some of the hem and add a contrast panel (and maybe a bit shorter, not too short :-), and lop off a bit of the sleeve and rebind in contrast. Might look really cute!

  4. Glorm - I may shorten it.

    BeaJay - it looks too big all around! It is easy to wear, though!

    Coco, Thanks for the comment! That's how the pattern was designed, but I do not like to accent my waist, so I don't. I'm wondering if I should stick to my T&T knit dress pattern.

  5. Don't be blue Mary. Like Glorm says,try shortening it and it that doesn't do it. Move on to the next thing. :)

    1. Lisa, blue? Love the double meaning! Shortening it and moving on are in the plans.

  6. Understand not wanting to accent the waist, but maybe taking the contrasting bits off is what's taking it from cute dress to house frock? Fold a strip of blue or yellow and tie it around where the casing is, take another shot and see what the contrast does? Or, maybe add back a dark blue binding around the neckline and sleeves? Can you test the theory by photoshop?



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