Monday, October 1, 2012

Working on KwikSew 3949 part 5

I finished the waistline casing of this dress:

As of my previous post, the skirt had just been pinned to the bodice assembly with waistline casing pieces attached.  Since then, the skirt piece was sewn to the outer layer of the waistline casing.  After stitching the seam, I finished off the raw seam allowances with the serger.  I also steam pressed that seam before continuing:

I pulled the skirt out of and away from the bodice, and I pressed its seam (towards the top of the picture) towards the bodice:

I pressed the inside casing piece away from the bodice. to enclose the outside casing and both casing seams:

I turned the dress has been to the outside.  While pinning it all together, I had to make sure that the casing lower seam allowances stayed as pressed towards the bodice and the inside casing piece completely covered (encased) the lower seam:

I stitched on the outside of the skirt, just below the waistline casing, with a technique known as stitching in the ditch:

Here's what the inside of the waistline casing looks like after I stitched it from the outside.  Now the bodice is at the top of the picture:

I know this dress doesn't look like much on the hanger, but here it is:

Coming up next: insert elastic into the waistline casing and hem the dress.

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  1. It is coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see it finished...


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