Sunday, March 24, 2013

Green Soup

Breathe in, breathe out.

I finished our tax preparation yesterday, so now I can breathe ... and so can everyone else at our house!

Green soup is one of the favorite side dishes at our house.  It's a whole lotta nutrition in one serving.

The original recipe is found here.  I have mentioned green soup (here), but now it's time to share our version of this soup.

The original recipe does not call for bacon, but we really love bacon!  It is now a required ingredient.

A vegan version would omit the bacon and replace chicken stock with vegetable broth, and it would still taste good!

Slowly saute four pieces of bacon until cooked.  Add two chopped onions.  Add a glop of olive oil and about the same amount of water (next time I will not use olive oil, since bacon gives plenty grease).  Cover and turn the heat down, stirring occasionally:

Add about an inch of water to a large soup pot.  Add a large bag of kale.  Cover and cook until kale is steamed:

Rinse the kale with cold water.  Drain and repeat until it is no longer hot:

Place the drained kale in a large blender.  Add two cups chicken broth, 1/4 cup rice flour, a few dashes of cayenne or red pepper, and the bacon/onion mixture:

Puree in blender and place in sauce pot.  Cover and simmer on low before serving:

Here's one way to serve it, although lately we've been serving the soup in the smaller-size bowl (on the right):

It also makes great leftovers (note the repurposed ice cream containers):

Do you have a veggie-intensive recipe?

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  1. Wow. Great looking soup Mary! I wish I liked cooking enough to blog about it! Lol!


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