Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sewing Report - small purse, part 3 - finished

I finished my second project of 2013.  In my 2012 recap (here), this is what I called the "cute little purse project" (click here for the link):

In part one (click here), I got as far as stitching the outside layer of the handles:

In part two (click here), I whined about hand stitching, which I did mostly to keep the fabric in place for top-stitching:

All that was left was to top-stitch the edges where the lining meets the outside fabric.  This was accomplished by keeping the lining pulled away from the fold, like this:

I learned the hard way to stitch the handle loops from inside the loop, like this:

Here's one side of the finished bag:

You can see the lining of the finished bag here:

Here's how the bag looks when being carried, but please ignore the orange flash shadow behind the left side of the bag:

As I may have mentioned before, this bag is better suited to less bulk than the fusible fleece PLUS the upholstery weight fabric I used.

Do you like this type of bag?  D you like these colors?  If you were to make this bag, what would you do differently?


  1. This is adorable! Because of its size, perhaps it can be an evening bag -- it would be gorgeous using some fancy silks and embellishments.


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