Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ironing, Sewing, and Shopping Therapy

Yep!  You read that correctly.  I have been doing some ironing.

I make my pillowcases with quilting cotton.  Some of my pillowcases are so old that I have to iron the hems after they are laundered.

Sometimes I drape the clean pillowcases over a chair until I get around to ironing them.

Here is the result of an ironing session:

Oh, look!  Under the stack is a pillowcase which has been folded and pinned!

Actually, there are two pillowcases which have had their hems pressed and are ready to be sewn:

By the way, I gave myself some post-tax-prep shopping therapy this afternoon.  I spent about $11 buying doo-hick-ees at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I didn't buy anything at JA's, but I did see some interesting fabrics.  I think this one is particularly happy:

These two fabrics seem well-suited for a purse - maybe?

I just really like madras weaves:

I love the pink and red stripe knit (hint: the middle one):

Do you do shopping therapy, and how do you define it for yourself?


  1. LOL - I love shopping therapy! but have to constrain my shopping to filling my online wish list in many many online stores! It's fun. I really like the madras...shorts!

  2. Now that is neat ironing - I have a pile I can lend you. Love the fabrics.

  3. Pretty fabrics and impeccable ironing. Love shopping therapy.


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