Saturday, April 21, 2012

Toilet Brush Holder - Craft

It's not very often I do a non-sewing craft project.  This project is because (pick one, or two) a) I'm a tight-wad, and/or b) I couldn't find what I wanted within two miles of my house.

Our bathroom has a toilet brush that sits in its own holder.  Because that holder is hard plastic and is getting old, pieces have been chipping off, and is falling apart.

While out shopping with my cousin one night recently, I decided to look for a new toilet brush holder.  OK, the new holder would come with a new toilet brush, but I don't really need a new brush.  Besides, we only looked at the dollar-type store which was on the way home from our other shopping, and after I remembered that I wanted to look for a new holder.

"So," asked my cousin, "why don't you just make one with the vinegar jug that's in your recycling bin?"

DING-DING-DING!!  oh, and "DUH!"

On this lazy Saturday morning, I decided to do just that!

Here's what I did before I thought to take the first picture:

  • found the discarded plastic vinegar jug
  • found a bowl that was bigger than the toilet bowl brush
  • used a pen to trace the bowl onto paper and cut it out
  • wet the paper circle and stuck it on the jug, centered on the seam opposite the jug handle
  • used a paper towel to pat the circle dry, then let it dry a little more
  • used the marker to trace around the circle
  • used a relatively flat discarded candy box to guide the marker for the straight lines

I quickly found that the kitchen scissors would not cut into the top of the bottle.  Apparently the plastic is thicker there.  I asked DH if he had something to cut the plastic jug.  He brought the tin snips from the garage and cut right through the top of the bottle.  Then he changed to the kitchen scissors and cut out the plastic where I had marked.

This is only my second craft project since my earring holder.  How do you like it?

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