Friday, September 7, 2012

Working on KwikSew 3949 part 2

I am still working on the bodice portion of this dress.  Click this sentence to see the beginning of the project.

I pinned the bias strip to the neck edge:

... and then I pinned it some more:

The bodice front edge seemed to be longer than the bias, so I eased it on.  I think it's to prevent gaping at the front, but I will soon find out:

After stitching the neckline, the seam was pressed flat, then open, with the seam allowances pressed towards the bias strip:

The bias strip was turned around the seam allowances to the right side and pinned:

I tried to make the fold of the bias strip cover the previous seam when I pinned it in place:

I used a lot of pins to hold the bias in place so I could topstitch it:

This is the stitching in progress:

When I remember, I try to take a picture of my stitch settings in context.along with what I'm doing.  I will need to remember how to do this when I get to the armhole finish:

The edge stitching did not always go completely over the first stitching, as seen from the inside:

The outside stitching is mostly even:

When all that was done, I steam pressed the neckline:

I want to test fit the bodice before I continue.


  1. Your neckline looks clean and smooth. looking forward to seeing more .

  2. Crossover bodice dresses are my favorite. Yes, the neckline is longer than the bias trim to eliminate gapping. Looking forward to the dress.


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