Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ironing the Pillowcases

Ironing is important to achieve a professional look.  I have found that only the pillowcases which I've ironed while making them will fold squarely for storage.

I finished the first two pillowcases a couple days ago (click here to see them):

I have shown that turning the hem also forces the pillowcase seam to one side:

By steam pressing this seam to one side along its entire length, the final pressing is neater:

For the final pressing after assembly, I first turn the pillowcase right side out, and poke out the corners with my fingers.  Then I lay the pillowcase on the ironing board with the hem edges matching and the seam to my right.

I start by pressing along the seam, carefully folding along the seam, and press towards the opposite side.  I pull the pillowcase towards me and iron the next section, and so forth, until I get to the seam on the end opposite the hem.  Starting from the right side, I pull on the seam so that it's folded along the seam, and press it, doing these both for about two inches at a time, until I get to the left side.

Here are the last four pillowcases:

I guess this means I can get back to sewing on my dress, huh?!?  (Click here to see the dress project.)


  1. Hi girll. I have trouble bringing up your blog...do you have an email addr, i'm at cocs.loft@gmail.com. Am a comp engineer, think I can help you!

  2. Oops. Cocos.loft@gmail.com. Typing is not my forte!


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