Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Working on KwikSew 3949 part 3

I have finished the bodice of this dress:

Most of today's work was attaching the bias strips to the armholes, but first I basted the front cross-over:

I basted the side seams before testing the fit:

I am not giving a preview, so there's nothing to see.  Move along ...

It fits OK, I guess, but not badly enough to change anything.  I stitched the side seams and finished the raw edges of the fabric:

Here is the bias strip being attached to the armhole:

Here is the first stitching of the binding to the armhole:

Here is the bias strip being pressed towards the seam allowance:

Here are the pins holding the bias strip after I wrapped it around the seam allowance:

The next step will be to attach the bodice to the waistline casing, and the waistline casing to the skirt.  The waistline casing has an inside layer and an outside layer.

I prepared the waistline casing by sewing together the front and back pieces of each layer, forming two circles of fabric.

I left a gap in one of the inside layer seams so I will be able to insert elastic in the casing:

To finish the seam allowances on the waistline casings, I zigzagged through all layers on the inside piece (above).  To finish the seam allownaces on the outside piece, I just zigzagged the raw edges so they will not show through to the right side of the fabric.

I guess this dress is more than half done!

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  1. Love your fabric choice - can't wait to see this dress finished...


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